Starting a Dorothy Richardson Blog (retrospectively)

Scott McCracken

Writing blogs is something, like making their own muesli and wearing Clarks shoes, that men seem to start doing at a certain age. As I  have already begun the first two practices, I find it relatively easy to start the third. This is a blog about Richardson matters and, appropriately perhaps, there’s a bit of temporal adjustment involved. I am actually beginning the blog in December 2010, but I’m posting retrospectively to fill in on the year’s progress. The main aim of the blog however is to keep the Society and anyone else interested up to date on the Letters project…

So were it the 3 March 2009, I would be writing that I’d just received an email from Andrew McNeillie at Oxford University Press to say that the Delegates have accepted a proposal for a critical edition of the Collected Letters of Dorothy Richardson. The edition will be edited by me, Scott McCracken, Gillian Hanscombe, Laura Marcus, Deborah Parsons, George H. Thomson, and Joanne Winning. Having heard the good news from OUP, the next, rather lengthy step, is to put together an application to the Arts and Humanities Research Council to fund the project.

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